The program called "Easy Factor analysis" provide a mathematical -statistical method which completely based on the book of Walter Jahn -Hans Vahle: "DIE FAKTORANALYSE UND IHRE ANWENDUNG", Verlag die wirtchaft, Berlin, 1968 (from its Hungarian translation: "A faktoranalizis és alkalmazása", Közgazdasági és jogi könyvkiadó, Budapest, 1974 )

   Factor analysis enable to discover the main factors of an unkown systems, which can completely described them. The method is mainly applyed in psichology, but can succesfully apply at economics, sociology and other complex systems. Behind finding the main factors, the program enables its varimax and special transformations, and additional the graphical rotation for visual determination of the main factors for experimental purposes!


   A faktoranalízis lehetővé teszi egy ismeretlen rendszer legfőbb tényezőinek, faktorainak felfedését amelyek teljesen le tudják írni az adott rendszer állapotát, viselkedését. A módszert leginkább a pszichológiában alkalmazták, de ugyanolyan sikerrel lehet alkalmazni a közgazdaságban, szociológiában és más komplex rendszerekben is. A program a fő faktorok meghatározása valamint azok varimax -és specialis transzformációi mellett még pótlólagosan lehetővé teszi a grafikus rotációt is, a fő faktorok vizuális megjelenítésével, kisérleti szükségletek kielégitésére!


   Faktorska analiza nam omogucava da otkrijemo glavne faktore nekog nepoznatog sistema koji ga kompletno opisuju. Metoda je najviše primenjivana u oblasti psihologije, ali se isto tako uspešno mogu primeniti u ekonomiji, sociologiji, i drugim složenim sistemima. Program pored iznalaženja glavnih faktora i njihovih varimax i specijalnih transformacija, dodatno omogucava i graficku rotaciju za vizuelno odredjivanje glavnih faktora po želji za eksperimentalne svrhe!


Program features

Factor analysis is a powerful method for investigation of unknown systems, first line in sense of discovering internal rules and dependencies among the observed set of variables. Revealing invisible influences and relationships, it is an indispensable tool for better understanding and description of the considered system, therefore it represents a scientific and theoretical structure as well as a practical and analytic technique.

There are a lot of specialized multivariate statistical programs in the market like SPSS, PSPP, STATISTICA, R, SAS, MVSP, SYSTAT, Canoco, Brodgar, GenStat, Minitab, PC-ORD, PATN, CAP, ECOM, Factor8.1 and similars, so why need one more another software besides of them?

There are a few reasons for that:

This program has projected as a low-cost software for students and researchers who are not very familiar with handling too large, demanding and less comfortably software packages or who have less statistical knowledge as wel, but want to factor analyze their data and get results in a fast and easy-to-use manner. This program provides a unique opportunity for each researcher with no special skills in software or statistics, to done his work efficiently!

Researchers often needs a tool for an arbitrary rotation on the "what-if" based concept, to look what would be happen if change some of the results in the factor matrix, for a purpose of intencionally excluding the influence of some variable or because of other needs. This opportunity is given by the “graphical rotation”, a visual and interactive way to intuitively manage the particular factor structure!

After the extraction and processing of various rotations to clarify the interpretation of the results, researchers always have a need for an objective ranking of their factors in terms of determining the importance of their mutual influence, but none of the these programs offer such a feature! A special kind of orthogonal rotation, the so-called “special transformation ” which provides such a possibility, is also included here!

Data entry is done in the simplest possible way, by using Excel files as the most widespread and most common form of data presentation. So, the necessary variables are always available in that form, whether from the websites, from a variety of database servers, from other programs or by making them up by yourself. Just in case if you need to perform the analysis of the ready-made correlation matrix, or when the original data are not available for any reason, it is possible to start factor analysis by entering data in the form of an ordinary structured text file!

In addition to a mouse input mode over the Configuration settings menu option, the program offers the comfort of a step-by-step keyboard entry managing and monitoring the process of analysis and thus, by meaning of immediacy feelings, can help in directing attention toward better decision making on what to do.

 Easy Factor Analysis v9.4

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