Within the Project Maja D. we presents a dozen of songs performed by the musical and linguistic "wunderkind", Maja Draskovic!
  Since her age of only 4 years, she sings famous world songs with amazing perfection on SIX languages, although she knowsonly one, her mother tongue -the serbian!
  She recorded 3 LP-s, the first at her age of only 3 years, but here we presents additional performaces of well known top-songs, never published before!!!


-Historical recordings, first time available on the Net!   These "par excellence" performances now accesible for anyone!

-Phenomenal Maja  represents a treasure unseen before!
                      (Fred Mayer)

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Maja Draskovic

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  1. Maja Draskovic: "99 Luftballons" by Nena                           -5.5 years (German)
  2. Maja Draskovic: "Lasciatemi Cantare" by Toto Cotugno       -5.5 years (Italian)
  3. Maja Draskovic: "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield       -5.5 years (English)
  4. Maja Draskovic: "Tombe la Neige" by Adamo                     -5.0 years (French)
  5. Maja Draskovic: "Moncsicsi" by Ulmann Monika                 -4 years (Hungarian)
  6. Maja Draskovic: "Zora je" by Neda Ukraden                       -5.5 years (Serbian)

     Karaoke performances:                                                                  
  1. Maja Draskovic: "Without You" by Mariah Carey.mp3              -16 years   1.00 EUR
  2. Maja Draskovic: "I Will Always Love You" by W. Houston       -17 years   1.00 EUR
  3. Maja Draskovic: "Rush, Rush" by Paula Abdul.mp3                    -6 years    1.00 EUR
  4. Maja Draskovic: "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield.mp3      -5 years    1.00 EUR
  5. Maja Draskovic: "Woman In Love" by Barbra Streisand.mp3      -5 years   1.00 EUR

     Mixed master recordings:                                                               
  6. Maja Draskovic: "She's got the look" by Roxette.mp3               -12 years    1.00 EUR
  7. Maja Draskovic: "Listen to your heart" by Roxette.mp3             -12 years    1.00 EUR

     Solo performances without any orchestration:                              
  8. Maja Draskovic: "Run To You" by Whitney Houston.mp3         -17 years    1.00 EUR
  9. Maja Draskovic: "I Will Always Love You" by W. Houston       -17 years    1.00 EUR

     CantAuthor performances:                                                             
10. Maja Draskovic: "Za tebe nisam ja!" by Maja Draskovic.mp3   -16 years  10.00 EUR  
      (lyrics, music & performance by the Author -Copyright@Maja Draskovic)
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  You would ask, "what is actually the point and truly remarkable thing about Maja      which distinguish her among the other similar talented children?"                             
  Well, there are at least two notable facts: First, she is the only one who capable for multilingual performance  with the same perfection of pronounce and diction on any language, and second, what is really unbelievable, due to her phenomenal remembrance and absolute musical audition, she needs just only 3 or 4 times of listening a song, afterwards she was immediately ready to sing for recording the whole song with 100% of precision!!! (I know indeed a guy who would rather do the same ...his name was Mozart! ...and do you know maybe another one?!)  

  So listen and enjoy...        
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