Nikola Petkovich (1893 Indjija, Serbia - 1952 Pittsburg, USA)

His artistic work is shown at the preface of the exhibition catalog, written by Walter Reed Howay, rector of the Pittsburgh-University Painting Academy,  which was prepared posthumous 1956th from the well known artistic institution Arts & Craft Center at Pittsburg.

Prikaz njegove umetnosti videti u predgovoru rektora Slikarske akademije Pitsburg- univerziteta,Walter Reed Howay-a, napisan za katalog izlozbe koja je posthumusno priredjena 1956. godine od poznate umetnicke institucije Arts & Craft Center u Pittsburgu.

1) Aquarell 13x15 cm.

2) Aquarell 24x29 cm

3) Aquarell 22x15 cm

4) Aquarell 22x15 cm

5) Aquarell 30x24 cm

6) Aquarell 22x15 cm

7) Aquarell 25x18 cm

8) Aquarell 22x15 cm

9) Aquarell 28x18 cm

10) Aquarell 28x18 cm

11) Aquarell 30x23 cm

12) City Girl portrait, (drawing 7x12 cm)

13) Nude Girl (drawing 9x16.5 cm)

14) Landscape with Forest (oil,cardboard 19x18 cm)

15) Woman partrait (tempera 14,5x20 cm)

 16) Roman scene with Deer (aquarell 22x14,5 cm)

 17) Province Girl (aquarell 14x22 cm)

18) Girl on the Hills (aquarell 14x20 cm)

 18) Under the Sea (aquarell 22x27 cm)

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