Here, my presentation is strictly personal and tendentious ... Shortly, after 33 years working in the same company, it is subsumed into bankruptcy and I lost my job. That's here a  much bigger problem than in the West .. I would like to continue with my started and new projects, which I am not able in this circumstances where is my mere existence lead into question. Therefore I ask all the people of good will who can afford himself  with his modest contribution to enable me working further on what I know the best,  and that is the constantly researching and working on original ideas and new solutions in service for the common good, both on the cultural and the scientific field.  

Every contribution and single dollar is welcome, and when I'll get enough money to continue my works, this page will be locked!

Lately, I will publish with gratitude all the names of my donors on a separate list, succesively as will arrive to my account!

Pinter Antal, Viška 21, 24000 Subotica, Serbia 

   Swift:  DBDBRSBG   Banca Intesa AD Beograd, Serbia

   IBAN: RS35160 1330200011760 49

... with your donations!